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Chiropractic manipulative therapy is used to restore normal joint motion, break up fibrous adhesions within the joints, and break the muscle spasm- pain cycle. Since joints don’t have a good blood supply, the cells that comprise them get their oxygen and nutrients and release their wastes through movement of the fluid within them. This process usually occurs naturally as you move throughout the day. If joints cannot move properly, this process cannot occur and problems such as joint degeneration occur. The “pop” or cavitation usually associated with a chiropractic adjustment is a good thing. It is caused by gas being released from the joint and fluid being drawn in. When there is an injury to a joint, whether it is from a single injury or from the result of repetitive, small injuries, the muscles around the joint tighten up in an effort to protect it. This compression leads to more pain, which leads to more spasm. Chiropractic adjustments help to end this cycle so that proper movement and healing can occur.

Conditions that may be treated with chiropractic manipulation include:

Arthritis, neck and back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, disc injuries, muscle strain, ligament sprain, facet syndrome, headaches, and more

MyoFascial Release Technique
MyoFascial Release Technique
Myofascial Release Technique
Chiropractic manipulations help to increase the mobility of restricted joints. Joint restrictions are often related to repetitive activities associated with occupation or hobbies. These activities also stimulate the production of connective tissues in overused muscle groups. Connective tissue fibers prevent muscles from reaching their normal resting length and lead to the production of uncomfortable trigger points or “knots.”
. Myofascial Release Technique is a form of assisted stretch in which the doctor stabilizes regions of restricted muscle as the muscle is stretched. This technique effectively increases the resting length of muscles and decrease pain associated with repetitive activities.
Therapeutic Exercises
Therapeutic Exercises
Therapeutic Exercises
A little knowledge and self -care can go a long way. Patients are given stretches and exercises along the way to aid in the progress of their treatment. They are also educated on the why they should perform these activities. Stretching facilitates proper joint motion and strengthening helps prevent injury.

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