Nabeel BourawiChiropractor - Toledo Injury Center

    Dr. Bourawi is a chiropractor who focuses on the entire body, not just the back.  Using multiple approaches to treatment, he ensures that every patient receives individualized, optimal care.
    As a chiropractic physician who focuses on functional movement and rehabilitation, Dr. Bourawi employs multiple treatment modalities to ensure optimal care.  Using a unique approach, he starts with the least invasive treatment, and then pursues more aggressive care, if and when necessary.  This evidence-based approach follows the highest medical standards.  Dr. Bourawi remains current on all evolving research and treatment options.

    He is able to assess and evaluate a patient’s condition and prescribe treatment(s) that will correct the functional weaknesses, while improving overall health and reducing potential for injury.

    Whether you are an athlete or prefer a sedentary approach to living, or are somewhere in between, Dr. Bourawi has a treatment plan to fit your life.

    A board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine (DC), Nabeel Bourawi specializes in the restoration and enhancement of human movement. He received his medical degree at the National University of Health Sciences, in Lombard, IL and his undergraduate studies in Kinesiology/Exercise Science at The University of Toledo.
    By applying the principles of his education and clinical experience Dr. Bourawi educates and rehabilitates. Every individual has unique concerns and goals. Dr. Bourawi treatment plans are designed to address each person’s concerns, while establishing goals that will put patients on a path to recovery.

    Dr. Bourawi uses principles from chiropractic medicine, orthopedics, strength and conditioning, to create a treatment plan that will address each patient’s specific goals.
    “My goal is to educate each patient with the most effective treatment options and to address a patient’s concerns as a distinctive set of issues that require a personalized treatment plan.  I strive to get patients healthy and back to health as quickly as possible, while also helping avoid re-injury. ” – Nabeel Bourawi, DC